Welcome to my directory of awesome things.

My name is Esther Wanjiku . I get a natural high from talking about fashion,food, music, art, literature, travel, kittens and anything in between. I find beauty in regular everyday events. I have big thoughts and great dreams.

My style is very versatile; I’m drawn to minimalism but at the same time I do love bold colors and prints. Generally, I aim to look effortlessly chic. I love music so I may occasionally quote lyrics from my favorite songs. I also have a love affair with herbal tea, all about that healthy life, and red velvet ahem* my guilty pleasure.


Basically, my blog is my visual diary where I share my personal style/lifestyle, progression in life, my thoughts, goals, and things that inspire me in the hope that it inspires you to stay limitless, break barriers and maximize your potential.

I want to share with you the things that excite me so stay put and grab a cup of tea as we embark on this journey together. Feel free to share your views and thanks for stopping by.

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