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IMG_20160817_095845Since the days of Gossip girl where I first encountered Chuck Bass, who’s style was simply dapper and bespoke, I’ve always admired a man who can rock a suit. A well tailored suit is the epitome of class and as my friend would say, an almost definite Panty dropper ??

Today, renowned menswear designer and fashion preneur Nick Nimrod answers a few of my questions. He’s a man of few words but let’s his style and work speak for itself. IMG_20160729_113856


What undergraduate did you study? 

I studied flight dispatch although it wasn’t my main interest.

When did you start  and how did you get into it? 

I started fashion professionally five years ago and my main inspiration was and has always been my mom. The interest grew when I met my to then friend ashok and Nick antidot.

What challenges do you face? 

The challenges I face in the industry is people copy pasting my designs and alot of pressure from my loving fans who expect new designs each week.

What does it take to be great at what you’re doing ?

To be great it takes pure passion,hardwork and more so love in whatever you do.

What else do you do apart from menswear?  
When should we expect to see you dressing women? Coz I sure would love to rock a power suit better than most men!

Actually my next big project which is coming up pretty soon is the ladies suits which should debut around mid September.

How would you describe your  style ? 

My style is more of classy and little bit of smart casual.

What would you say are the perks of being a well known fashion preneur ? / Greatest achievements

My greatest achievements is being featured on citizen TV fashion watch,cotoure Africa magazine and the Nairobian newspaper…I have also had the privilege of dressing Felix odiwuor aka Jalang’o, Eddie butita, Ian mbugua, blessed Joe of cream vision, kidis, sudi boy..just to name a few…


My social media accounts are

Nimrodnick on instagram

Nick Nimrod on facebook…

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